“Relax and enjoy as you deserve it for all the hard work you did to sell my home so quickly and efficiently.  I tell people that it was so easy and painless!  You’re amazing!”

     ~Megan Clark

“Kathleen guided us through the sale of a house in Mill Valley while we were living out-of-state in Colorado.  She was an angel in our lives, making the process easy from start to finish.  She helped us with everything, from keeping a careful eye on the property, to hiring all of the people needed for fix-up work, supervising the work to make sure it was done correctly, and staging the house so that it showed like a dream without us having to be on the scene at all.  She got everything done in a timely manner, walked us through every process step-by-step, and made us feel like we were in excellent hands all the way through.  She was both extremely capable professionally, on the one hand, and extremely caring and personable, on the other hand, so that we felt as if we had a friend looking out for us.  Her excellent contacts and knowledge about people in both the realty industry and the lending industry made her assistance in evaluating offers particularly helpful.  The house sold extremely quickly and for a VERY good price. ”

    ~ Susan Becker

“Kathleen was an exceptional asset for us as we searched and purchased a house in Marin.  She knows the market extremely well, has a great eye for value and always gave us a balanced view.  Most importantly, she really understood our needs, and went to great length to advocate for us throughout the buying process.  Kathleen also has an invaluable network of resources - inspectors, contractors, architects, and lenders, which made buying a home essentially headache-free.  We could not recommend Kathleen Clifford more highly.”

    ~ Andrea & Scott Cullerton

"Kathleen is amazing. Her professionalism, expertise and good nature were critical in helping us navigate uncharted territory to purchase our first home. There was never a time we felt that she wasn't looking out for our best interest. Highly recommended....Kathleen is the BEST! We switched agents to her and couldn't be happier. With her help we closed on a house two weeks ago. We would not have gotten the house without her guidance and expertise. This is our first house purchase and she made the whole process a pleasure. We trust her whole heartedly. Not only is she a great, honest agent but she's a wonderful, fun person. We have already recommended her to friends and would recommend her to anyone and everyone."

    ~ Greg & Sarah Kaplan

"Kathleen Clifford is the ideal agent in every respect. She worked with us for almost 3 years to find our home in Kentfield. Knows the Marin market inside and out; amazing recall of homes and sales from recent years. Well connected, aware of all new listings, some before they reach MLS. Has a very keen sense of pricing, very sharp negotiator. Does all the leg work; she quickly developed a sense of our tastes and priorities. Facilitated inspections, loan, & closing with ease and kept us well informed through it all. Best of all, great to work with. Warm, pleasant, never pushy, endlessly patient. Always put our priorities first, including spending limits. Never lets the sun set on an unanswered email. Understands emotions in home transactions; never judgmental, willingly accommodates changes of heart. We highly recommend her!"

    ~ John Bettinger & Susan Sun

”I didn’t think it was possible in this market, at our price point and during a horrible rainy spring, but you managed to sell our house at full asking price in just nine days.  What’s more, our asking price exceeded my expectations.  Wow!  I know these great results are due to your expert market research, pre-marketing, marketing, networking, experience and diligent follow-through.  I also want to acknowledge you for all the “beyond the call” service you provided while we were performing due diligence on our home in Tiburon.  I just want to say how delightful you are to work with… You work with integrity and care, always delivering what you promise to deliver and delivering on time, if not sooner.  How refreshing!            

    ~ Eric T. Clothier


“From day one, Kathleen embraced our mission as her own, and she never stopped working diligently on our behalf.  As our “Selling Agent,” she put together an incredible marketing package: a beautiful sales flier, strategic advertising and consistent networking – always going the extra step.  Her steadfast, calm confidence resulted in setting a record sales price in our area…  As our “Buying Agent,” she was a tough negotiator, enabling us to make a step we never imagined possible… To find a hard-working individual with integrity is a standout in any field, but to have this person on your team when making the biggest financial transaction of your lifetime is to have fortune on your side.”

    ~ Shauna & Mark Dickinson

“I would like to say thank you for assisting us with our two real estate purchases this year.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, tenacity and perseverance are unique qualities in your business.  You were always accessible and your response to inquiries was always timely.  During the initial stages of our relationship, you took the necessary time to understand our purchase goals and then refined them over time to ensure we saw all the appropriate listings.

    ~ Joseph P. Delaney

“My wife (Jill) and I have bought & sold homes on the East and West Coasts.  Having said that, we both agree that working with Kathleen was the easiest real estate transaction that we have experienced.  Kathleen knows her market well and uses strong data, analysis and customer service to sell her listings.  We not only sold our house in a matter of hours, we also received & accepted offers substantially over our asking price. Kathleen is a tireless agent and a consummate professional.  She did a great job of keeping us in the loop during the entire time of our transaction and had great resources to help us maximize our marketing efforts (painters, landscapers, handymen, etc..)  I would take Kathleen over anyone on the West or East Coast!

    ~ Chris Brown

“We unexpectedly found a house we loved and wanted to buy, but we couldn’t unless we sold ours first.  We called Kathleen right away, and she dropped everything to help us see the house immediately (before the next open house) and to write an offer the next day.  We needed the transaction to go through quickly, with a simultaneous close so we wouldn’t have to carry two properties.  Kathleen handled this with ease and set up the details of the simultaneous closing with escrow and the other two agents…  Kathleen seems to know almost all the realtors representing buyers and sellers in the area and she was able to anticipate how both the other two realtors would respond.  Jon and I both felt like Kathleen was with us 100%, making this very stressful time much easier.

    ~ Barb Sobel & Jon Rubens

“In a confusing market, one in which we had difficulty deciding when to sell, Kathleen worked tirelessly on our behalf; studying our needs, updating us on comps and consulting with us on the value of our home.  When we were ready to sell, Kathleen had a qualified buyer at our doorway within 24 hours.”

    ~ Mark & Madelyn Crafts

“There were multiple offers on my house and a number of other complications.  I know that if Kathleen were not my agent, it is very likely that I would not have gotten this house… Kathleen navigated each stage of the process with finesse and a deep understanding of how to effectively manage the emotions of all involved, as well as the complex business end of the transaction… Her longtime involvement in the community and relationships with the real estate world here in Marin County, were a key element to how skillfully she made this purchase happen.” 

    ~ Kathleen Duich 

“Kathleen has been the most important, trusted advisor to me over the past 4 years.  She brings to the table professionalism, thorough execution and sincerely cares about her clients.”

    ~ Matthew Aberbach

““Kathleen was the most efficient, thorough and professional real estate agent we have ever worked with.  She simultaneously handled the purchase and sale of our homes without allowing anything to slide on either transaction.  We are convinced that without Kathleen’s focus and diligence, our house would not have sold as quickly and effortlessly as it did.  In a business where so many things can derail a deal, Kathleen stands high above the crowd.”

    ~ David Fitzpatrick

“We truly felt fortunate to work with Kathleen.  Her tenacity, guidance and thoughtfulness truly paid off with a nice property we can call home.  It is rare these days when you can find someone who really represents your best interest, listens to your objectives and executes flawlessly.  In short, we are her biggest advocates…”

    ~ Jeff Burke

 “As a new homebuyer, Kathleen instilled the confidence in me that enabled me to make the right decisions.  She did this by researching my questions, sharing information, and giving prompt attention to details.  Her follow up was exceptional and consistent throughout the entire process.  If ever she sensed my doubt, she gave me the time I needed to make the right decision.  She exuded an amount of professionalism that was both refreshing and notable.

    ~ Julia F. Foge

“Simply stated: You are amazing!  Thank you.  You are indeed the example of a high quality, professional, enthusiastic real estate agent… You set the standard for ‘think outside the box’.  We are so grateful for all the time, effort and energy you put into helping us sell our home.”

    ~ Mary & John Gilbaugh 

“Kathleen is 100% professional, personable and on task.  In potentially stressful situations, she remained calm and stuck to the facts; this kept me level headed and confident that everything was going smoothly.  I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone buying or selling their home.”

    ~ Lisa Barry


"We are so pleased with the outstanding work you have done... Thanks to your hard work, insight and expertise, we found and purchased the perfect place for us. You took the time to understand who we are and the kind of home we envisioned for our family. Your guidance through the purchase process was invaluable. And you have connected us with all the right resources to get our new life up and running. Your professional manner and attention to detail gave us great comfort. We have been recommending you wholeheartedly!"

    ~ Laura and Page Murray

"It's always reassuring when you know you have an A-team person by your side and that's exactly how I felt. I especially appreciate all the time and attention you've given at each step of the way, including answering my many questions."

    ~ Tiko Robertson

"With regard to setting the selling price for the property, Kathleen's approach was both creative and effective.  She provided us with preliminary pricing information throughout our negotiations and then refined the price as our improvement and staging projects neared completion...We received an offer for the full asking price within three days of the broker tour, which we accepted.  The house closed within thirty days.  Thinking back on this transaction, Lynn and I could hardly believe how smoothly everything had gone and how well we had done in obtaining an optimal price for our property."

    ~ Dale W. Schultz

"Kathleen Clifford is truly everything you could hope for in a real estate agent - smart, honest, ethical, hard-working, organized, well-connected and respected within the Marin real estate industry, knowledgeable and loyal.  When we decided to switch to Kathleen from another agent, we chose Kathleen primarily based on other outstanding recommendations, but also because we thought the fact that she was in the top 1% of Marin agents spoke for itself.  In life, there are certain people who know how to get things done rather than spinning their wheels, and Kathleen is definitely one of these people.

Within less than 2 months of working with Kathleen, we found our dream home in our dream location, thanks to Kathleen's intuitive understanding of exactly what we were looking for, coupled with her inside knowledge of pre-MLS listings.  Also, she kept us from overbidding, and obtained numerous terms that were favorable to us as the buyer.  I cannot recommend Kathleen Clifford highly enough.”

     ~ David King & Sarah Wilson

“You can add us to the long list of people who think you are wonderful both personally and professionally.”

      ~ Graham & Michele Williams


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